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Better Google Search

HITMAN, a user on ForexFactory, asks: "How to learn forex fundamental analysis, does anyone know books for this?"I believe HITMAN finds great information online with the right search technics. After seeing what's online, he can move on to the books, if it's necessary. Recently I read Dharmesh Shah article about How to Search on Google. Dharmesh Shah shows how to use search commands. It's a great article. In this blog post, I'll show how HITMAN can find free information about the fundamentals.

Be Specific

Forex trading is the most polarised online business industry. We need to learn to search proper information.
Forex trading is the most polarised online business industry.

Dharmesh Shahs article is an example how to be specific when we search. HITMAN can learn the commands little by little. One day, he'll be familiar with them. Until then, he can use Dharmesh Shahs article to refresh the commands. Let's jump into it:HITMAN wants to learn the fundamentals of Forex trading. He heads to Google, types in fundamentals of forex trading and hopes the best.

1. Example Search: fundamentals of forex trading

He gets 509.000 results. The first result after the ads is Justen Kuepper's article from Investopedia. Investopedia is a great website. The first results in the inquiry are from quality SEO pages. SEO means Search Engine Optimizing. Every day, excellent writers and trading teachers publish articles and lecture notes. Every day, skillful bloggers publish videos and give webinars. Their products might stay below Google's TOP 10, but HITMAN wants to see these results. Before we dive into how to find them, we'll demonstrate how to see a website's SEO quality. At, we find Open Site Explorer. It'll tell what we want to know. We focus on three concepts: Domain Authority, page authority, and established links.HITMAN could try the MOZ-tool with the Investopedia-article mentioned above:The result: Domain authority 85 and no spam score. He can also see, who links to the article. Sometimes it leads to sites that surprise. Let's continue the Google search.

2. Example Search: "fundamentals of forex trading"

If HITMAN uses double quotes, it reduces the result to 95.500. It's still a lot. It would take HITMAN 16 hours scaning if he plodded 100 results per minute. It's a better result with double quotes - but HITMAN wants more. He improves the search by a few pint-sized adjustments. The first ad-free result from his last search was a Udemy course. The course has been number one from a period, so people like it, otherwise it would lose Google authority. The second ad-free result from Investorguide also a coherent article. Result number three is a Amazon book. It lacks reviews, but perhaps it's good. If HITMAN decides looking up Amazon books, he can use this tool. It'll indicate problems with the reviews.

Let's narrow the search further

By adding - followed by a new word after fundamentals of forex trading, he narrows the inquest. Several website owners use the word Top to get clicks. HITMAN can exclude the word TOP:

3. Example Search: "fundamentals of forex trading" -top 

With the minus, he reduced the results to 30.300. This search works, when he leaves out space, so it looks like '-top' instead of '- top'. To exclude more, add more word like here:

4. Example Search: "fundamentals of forex trading" -top -beginner -best -free

HITMAN has now excluded the words: top, beginner, best and free and gets 1880 results, an improvement from the initial 509.000.

Let's say HITMAN prefers a certain file format, PowerPoints. He wants to search PPT-files because they contain valuable references. PowerPoints are happy hunting ground for retail Forex traders. Perhaps the best results he'll get are from PowerPoints. To see PowerPoints he needs a modification as in this example:

5. Example Search: "fundamentals of forex trading" filetype:ppt 

Some of the 143 trading-PowerPoints were given at universities and seminars. It's material professors, traders, and teacher planned. They've put hours into producing them. HITMAN can access them. It's free. They're available online, provided he knows the search technics. The steps HITMAN has taken so far are straightforward. He can now harvest the benefits. Next, he will focus on controlling where he searches on the website. He'll use different commands. The first, 'allintext' notifies Google just to look in the text. The URL or the website title is excluded. Let's see how this looks:

6. Example Search: allintext:"Fundamentals of forex trading" 

The search was done in the text. A search just in the title looks almost the same:

7. Example Search: allintitle:"Fundamentals of forex trading" 

The 'allintitle' command is good for finding niche websites. Websites with keywords in the title cover the subject in an informative way. With the next command, HITMAN can restrict the search to a stay within a particular website.This is relevant when he knows a website but has forgotten where on the site it's located. In this case, he uses the following command:

8. Example Search: fundamentals of forex trading

The results, he gets are from  If HITMAN uses search engines without thinking about how he does it, he's like a fly in the spider's net. He crawls the net but ends up the same place every time. He can avoid this by the following command:

9. Example Search: 

It's a way to discover new sites. Perhaps the new sites are better than the websites he has seen before.The last command HITMAN will use shows, who links back to a site:

10. Example Search:

The ten commands to search fundamentals of forex trading should give him a brief idea how to find everything he needs.See: Vladimir Ribakov: Feel Proud Trading Ultraconservative See: Philosophy and Forex Trading See: Tools for Lifestyle Freedom

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