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Tanny Por

Tanny Por grew up in Australia. Her education in communication and international studies allows her to visit remote parts of the world, such as Greenland. I found Tanny Por via her excellent blog - she’s a good writer. Here’s how she describes life in Greenland: “On the personal level, you should consider how you deal with living in a small society, a fishbowl lifestyle in a place where nature rules. Even in big cities, sometimes people live in fish bowls…” and she continues, “I was so surprised at how easily accessible people are, and how much time individuals have for you. The awesome and scary thing about this town is that it’s so small that you will eventually meet everyone.” Tany Por came to Greenland from Australia.

Greenland is different from any country I've visited. It's quiet with beautiful colours.
Greenland is different from any country I've visited.

Faroe Island

I came to Greenland from Denmark. I’m born and have lived the first 17 years on Faroe Island. Faroe Island is a country in the Atlantic Ocean with a population around 48.000. Faroe Island and Greenland share values. We are two countries, where the population lives close to nature. Both countries value hunting and fishing. Tany Por would also describe the Faroese lifestyle as a fishbowl lifestyle.

Teacher at Greenland’s Business School

I arrived in Greenland September 2007. It was breathtaking. I noticed the fresh air, the beautiful colors, and as Tany Por said in the quote above, accessible people. I’ve worked as a teacher at Greenland’s Business School ten years. It has been an outstanding experience. Most foreigners working in Greenland stay one, perhaps two, years. Nordic citizens can move to Greenland without problems. But, non-Nordic citizens struggle to get the residence permit. My wife is from the Philippines, so I have firsthand experience.

A unique quietness

Rick from has written a brief introduction to Greenland. He says: “You’ll experience the Northern Lights, icebergs bigger than you can contemplate, unreal jagged landscapes, a quietness you never knew existed” I love the quietness Rick talks about. A Copenhagen friend said it best. (He was frustrated about the quietness here): “One trip with Copenhagen’s City Bus, and you’ll get more impressions than you get for years in Greenland” For some, the quietness can be too much. If you’ve been in Greenland, let’s say a year, you’ll have a special feeling, when you land in Copenhagen airport, Denmark. The moment you step off the plane, you’ll notice how much faster everything goes. And you experience more noise than in Greenland. It can be stressful to come back to big cities after years in Greenland. One reason I appreciated the quietness, is I’m a Philosopher. Greenland is a good place to write and think. I’ve met writers like Larry Livermore author of How To Ru(i)n A Record Label: The Story of Lookout Records from United States. He has visited Greenland more than once. I introduced him to Greenlandic music. He met my students as well. It was a pleasure to meet Larry Livermore.

What’s next after Greenland?

I’ll spend the next years in Denmark, Philippines and Faroe Island, while I build my skills as an online entrepreneur. I’ll take the best techniques, I’ve learned as a teacher and use them as a blogger. I see similarities between bloggers and teachers. Both activities are about: • Influence • Respect • Read and respond It’s five years since I first began to manage websites and blog. But the first two years I learned. I learned much, but lacked momentum. The last three years, I have got momentum. Perhaps I’ve also been a bit lucky.

The niche

I have a plan and I'm passionate about it. Before I choose what subject to blog about, I did my research. I had three criteria. It should be a topic: 1) I knew something about 2) I was passionate about 3) I could EARN money from, while I helped readers avoid LOSING money Here are the options, I considered first: • Sportsbetting • Stock trading • Slot Machines • Lottery • Forex trading • Poker • Scratchcards • Blackjack • Roulette • Bingo • Racing From the list Forex trading was my favorite topic. I knew enough about the Forex trading industry to provide value. I was an active retail Forex trader. I could blog about it in a way that would give me a basic salary while I helped other traders. It seemed like a win-win situation.

Two Philosophy professors from Southern University

The Retail Forex Industry, is the most contradictory money-online-niche. I’m trained as a professional Philosopher from Southern University, Odense, Denmark. It helps me navigate the scummy waters of Retail Forex trading. I’m grateful for what I learned from Professor Erich Klawonn and Professor David Favrholdt while I studied Philosophy. Their unconventional way to think about life and death encouraged me. They educated, inspired and entertained students with lectures about serious topics. Eric Klawonn and David Favrholdt taught me two skills: 1) How to see a topics big picture, 2) How to identify contradictions related to a topic, and deal with them.

The big picture

The big picture in online entrepreneurship is about freedom. Lars Tvede’s: The Creative Society: How the Future Can be Won 2016 is the best book I’ve read about the big picture. Retail Forex trading is just one part. To get 100% control over the income source is another. To do it, I need to know how to set up and run an online business. I believe I know how to do it right. It’s complicated, but can be boiled down to two ideas: 1) Trading is a long-term activity. 2) Build an income outside your trading, so you have a basic salary. I use online business combined with Forex trading to reach my goal. But I’m open to the view, online entrepreneurs can take different paths to the freedom, as long as they accept: • Hard work and a lot of it. • Mistakes and lessons learned from them.

What’s the secret?

When I began as an online entrepreneur, I thought the answer to this question was complicated. But as I proceeded and learned more, it realized it came down to two general rules: • Rule 1: Work less for others. • Rule 2: Work more for myself.It’s also a question how I work for myself. I need to do it, so I create passive income. It means, a way to earn money, even if I sleep. it takes months or years to establish passive income. When I accepted these two rules, I reduced my salary slip about 50% because I refused to take extra hours as a teacher. I was scared the first months, but I knew I did what was right. Time to work for me was more important than a big paycheck. I felt like the couple, Shane, and Jocelyn. Shane was a teacher and football coach. Jocelyn was a librarian. They say: “We believe society has it wrong when it comes to work/life balance. In the Flipped Lifestyle, life always comes before work. We’ve found a way to spend more time enjoying our family and the things that truly matter most.” Shane and Jocelyn began as online entrepreneurs in 2012 with and are successful online entrepreneurs today. Their podcast is great.

Where to begin?

I’ve written a Tool Section. It should help you find out: 1) if an online business is for you. And if it is, 2) how to get into it.

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