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"To write is human, to edit is divine." Stephen King

Written by Jonbert Davidsen ∴ Tuesday, April 4, 2017, updated February 12, 2018

I've created Editing and Proofreading for online marketers! As an offer for those who have an essential message but lack the last part, the writing skills to structure the text so that it comes across to the reader. As I've progressed on my blog and helping my wife with her blog, I've come to realise that there are so many processes involved in blog post publishing. The grammar part is just a little fraction of producing great blog posts. When you order Editing and Proofreading for online marketers! I'll process your blog post from the same principles I've used on Jonbert's Blog | DavidsenConsulting.com and my wife has used on Edna's Blog | OurChristianBook.com. In reality, you get much more than the basic editing and proofreading with this offer because I've decided to give those who support me by ordering my service more than they expect for the $-value they pay for the service.

Basic Solution: Price $125 - Work delivery time - three days!

When you order the Basic Solution, I'll adjust your blog post so that your: Sentences are short and precise. Sentences use powerful verbs instead of unnecessary adverbs. • Sentences 'stick to one voice' (because if you switch between 'I' - 'You' - 'They' - 'Us' chances are you lose readers because of confusion.) • Content is formulated in positive sentences (by avoiding using word such as 'don't' - 'not' - 'didn't, etc.)  • Sentences are written in plain language without jargon. • Sentences are free from redundancies.  • Content has the right amount of prepositions, (most text use too many prepositions.)  • Content is optimised for superficial words such as 'things' - 'really' and 'very' - 'make'.  • Commas are where they should be. • Sentences flow with a natural flow. (I do this by listening to the rhythm while another person reads the text out loud.) I need three days to deliver your work from the time you submit your order, unless you order the Gold Solution, which will reduce the turnover time by 24 hours. Instead of offering a track of changes I offer you your payment back if you're unsatisfied with my work. Customers satisfaction is more important than the money because without satisfied customers I'm out of business. In short: I'm willing to work my fingers to the bone, so you're satisfied with the job. If you need to track the changes to see that I've improved your text, it's time for me to pull the plug and ask if I've done my best to impress and surprise you?

Premium Solution: Price $185 - Delivery time - three days!

When you choose the Premium Solution, you'll get what's included in the Basic Solution plus: • A list of keywords that your website is ranking for in Search Engines. My suggestion to how you can improve your website with small changes that make a big difference with regards to Search Engine Optimisation.

Gold Solution: Price $245 - Delivery time - two days!

When you buy the Gold Solution you'll get what's included in the Basic Solution + the Premium Solution and a reduction of the delivery time to two days.

Editing and proofreading for bloggers, authors and online entrepreneurs!
The context and the perspective are more important than grammar in the blogging industry.

Here's how you do if you want to use my service:

1. Send your blog post in Word-format to the e-mail below: Let me know in the email if you want me to use British English or American English.

2. Choose your solution: Basic, Premium or Gold and Pay via PayPal below:

Editing and Proofreading for Online Marketers

3. Wait for me to finish the job. Thank you for ordering Editing and Proofreading for online marketers! Philosopher, Jonbert Davidsen.