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Jonbert Davidsen is a Philosopher living in Greenland


Welcome to DavidsenConsulting.com. I'm Jonbert Davidsen, a Philosopher, born in 1977, happily married. Since I took the Master of Art in Philosophy in Denmark 2005, I've been teaching at a business school in Greenland. After about five years of teaching, I began to dream about having a company of my own. I was lucky to come across a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad written by Robert Kiyosaki on a trip to the Philippines with my wife. I have been trading at Retail Forex Trader level since 2015, and that's what I blog about. I also blog about Affiliate Marketing and other topics I find interesting. My company Davidsen Consulting has two blogs: Edna's Blog | OurChristianBook.com and Jonbert's Blog | DavidsenConsulting.comIf you're a Christian dreaming about going into online business, then I encourage you to give my wife's blog a visit over at OurChristianBook.com.

Approach the Forex markets like professional traders.
Approach the Forex markets like professional traders.

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